Moz Rank Checker

 Moz Rank Checker Tool is a utility that determines a domain, website, or a specific web page's search engine optimization ranking. Moz rank's score is determined on a range of 1 to 10. The greatest number on the scale is 10, and the lowest is 1.

A web page's Moz rating is determined by the popularity of the sites that connect to it. This implies that if the Moz Rank of the connecting sites is high, the Moz Rank of the receiving page of those connections is likely to be high as well.

How does Moz Rank Tool Works?

To check your Moz Rank using our tool go to enter your website domain or web page URL and click Check.

The Moz Rank checker tool shows the:

  • Score
  • Domain authority
  • Page Authority
  • Domains that are linking to the given URL per one thousand
  • Total backlinks for the given URL per one thousand.